Do you need ideas for Halloween giveaways that aren’t just tooth-rotting candy or useless plastic doodads? Want to make sure kids who visit your house come back with fun and useful items they’re going to use over and over again?

Lucky for you, we’ve got just the thing. Our very own Mommy Kat has come up with ten—yes, ten!—different ideas you should consider adding to your Halloween shopping list. These are all kid-friendly and a sure winner in all kids’ eyes, guaranteed!

1. Playdough

Is there any kid or adult out there that doesn’t love playdough? It’s a fun yet cheap toy that can keep kids entertained for hours. Young children can learn how to use their hands properly as they mold, sculpt, and squish the soft material. Older kids can exercise their imagination by creating whatever they fancy!

Play-Doh comes in a ton of different colors, and you can easily get a pack of them at your local grocery store or online. Hand each trick-or-treater a can of these and you’re all set.

2. Slime

This toy is definitely a longstanding trend! Like playdough, slime is something kids love to squish, mush, and poke. And slime isn’t just a whole lot of fun for people—they also have benefits for mental and neurodevelopmental disorders. Indeed, people love to play with slime when they’re suffering from anxiety attacks or need a distraction.

You can find out more about the benefits of slime for mental health here!

3. Art Projects

Unleash your inner artist with some easy-to-do art projects. From making ghoulish suncatchers to crafting cobweb garlands to painting jars with pumpkins and Frankenstein, there are lots of projects kids can do to spookily decorate their homes. Heck, you can even give them make-your-own slimes or playdough sets. What creative Halloween ideas!

Depending on the age and number of kids, you can find affordable art projects in grocery stores and online.

4. Stickers and Decals

Who doesn’t love stickers? They’re mighty nice to look at and can decorate almost any surface. Kids can stick them onto their notebooks, folders, IDs, water jugs, and so much more. They come in all sorts of designs that everybody is sure to love.

Here’s some ideas, you can go festive and give out Halloween stickers like skulls, witches, and pumpkins. You can also give basic stickers like hearts or stars that are pretty every time of the year.

5. Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoos are a fun way for kids to be artistic with their own bodies. If you can decorate your belongings, might as well decorate yourself too!

Temporary tattoos are easy to apply. They come in sticker form. The child sticks the sticker onto a smooth patch of skin, rubbing the design firmly to help it transfer in one piece. Then, they slowly and carefully peel off the sticker.

They wash off after a few days.

6. Activity Books

Have your parents ever handed you a book of activities to keep you occupied during road trips or flights? You’d spend the next hour or so solving mazes, playing word searches, coloring pictures, matching things, and more. Not only are they loads of fun to do, but they’re also mentally stimulating and good for your brain.

These books are very inexpensive, and some of them even come with a pack of crayons. They would make awesome additions to any Halloween goodie bag!

7. Pencils and Erasers

Pencils and erasers are useful little things kids will be using for months to come. Even with all the frivolities going on, you still want to make sure the kiddos have everything they need to get a good education!

Pencils and erasers come in a ton of different designs. They are also super cheap and usually come in sets of 50s or 100s. They’re a huge hit with the kids! You can be sure what they give will actually be used instead of being thrown in the trash after Halloween is over.

8. Laser Finger Lights

Trick-or-treating is a surprisingly dangerous activity. Since it’s done at night, and Halloween costumes aren’t exactly the most visible of clothing, kids can get hit by cars easily. And you just know kids won’t want to hold bulky flashlights!

Laser finger lights are an excellent solution for a safe Halloween, especially in 2022. They’re worn as rings so kids can still hang onto their baskets. This also makes it harder for them to fall off and lose it.

Plus, laser finger lights are just lots of fun! It’s like having a lightsaber in a ring.

9. Glow in the Dark Jewelry

Speaking of keeping your kids safe, glow-in-the-dark jewelry is another alternative. Usually in the form of bracelets or necklaces, these are glowsticks that can be worn around the child. They come in a lot of bright and fun colors and will not just keep your kids safe from passing cards, but also make them look rad! Who wouldn’t want to glow in the dark?

10. Books

Last but certainly not least, we’ve got books. Hey, don’t make that face! Trust us when we say that books make amazing Halloween goodies.

They’re educational, first of all. Most books are entertaining and stimulate the brain. Second of all, they have good messages! Many books have themes about being friendly, imaginative, respectful, and so much more.

Lastly, books are just fun. They keep kids busy for a while. And when they’re tired of the book, you can just pass it on to the next child that needs a new book.