With Winter just around the corner, mothers like yourself should see this as a perfect opportunity to spend some well-earned time with your children, as there are a plethora of activities that you can now have with your kid’s thanks to the new season. But, with so many different opportunities and so many different activities you can do with your kids, you might be momentarily taken aback by what type of fun you can have. Where do you start? Where do you begin? What activities should you choose from when it comes to the arrival of Winter? Let’s take a look at your selection to find out.

Build A Snowman

To figure out what activity you and your kids would appreciate the most, why not start with a classic in the form of a snowman? Everybody loves snowmen and even more loves the process of building them, along with the significant amounts of creative leeway they have when it comes to making them. When it comes to making these iconic Christmas mascots, your kids can use the fullest extent of their imagination to bring out the best in these winter icons! Do you want to make a giant snowman using wood and rocks or use tools and other miscellaneous objects to make up their limbs or face? Maybe your kids will prefer to make a snowman that’s pint-sized, kind of like them, giving them even more creative freedom! The choice is theirs, and you should make sure that they know that from the getgo.

Snowball Fight

Another classic that many people have to learn to appreciate is none other than a good old-fashioned snowball fight. Snowball fights can be a blast if you have several children and go through having the entire family involved! There are many different iterations and styles through which you can have a snowball fight, whether it’s snowball tag or even a favorite of many families, a snow fort battle! If you go through having a snow fort battle, you can allow kids to have a blast with their creativity and get them to burn some much-needed energy. This way, they can invest themselves in creating snow forts to use as impromptu cover while hurling snowballs at each other. If you have shovels, put them to use to improve the snow-forts allowing them to get further into the activity.

Cocoa and Cookies

If the family is undergoing a freezing day and it’s way too chilly to enjoy making snowmen or having snow fights, turn this problem into an opportunity! If you’re looking for a way to warm your kids up besides sitting by the fireplace or cranking up the heat in your house, why not bake some cookies with some hot cocoa. Getting your kids involved with this process can make them appreciate these treats even more down the line should you give it a go! If you want to take this activity a step further, you could even make cookies that fit the holiday enthusiasm by creating them so that the cookies themselves are shaped to fit the holiday theme.


The winter holidays are a treat that you should savor for as long as possible should you have the opportunity. It’s such a great opportunity to bond with your children that it would be a significant waste not to take advantage of the festivities and weather to have great fun with your children. After all, these festivities only last around a particular part of the year, making them unique, so why not make some lasting memories for the entire family?