It’s completely normal and natural to want to share your child’s life milestones because, let’s be honest, our kids are our greatest pride. However, have you ever stopped to think about the long-term consequences of sharing your child’s life online? If not, we have some reasons why you should. We aren’t trying to scare you, but give you tips so that you and your family can stay as safe as possible. Did you know that a 2019 survey conducted by Microsoft found that 42% of teenagers have issues with what their parents share about them over the Internet? Learn about some social media safety tips you should start practicing:

Do not reveal your child’s full name and birthdate

Most of us have our names and birthdays out there because we want people to know who they are. Plus, who doesn’t like being celebrated on their birthdays? However, did you know that sharing your Sophia Rose Frank with 01-01-2022 the caption might actually be a recipe for disaster? Yep, that’s right. People can steal your child’s identity with those pieces of information before they are even old enough to vote!

Do not share where your child attends school or any of their other common whereabouts
The name of their new elementary school? Nope. Visiting grandma and want to reveal she lives in sunny San Francisco? Forget it. Baseball practice? Don’t even think about it. Sorry, but it’s all for the best.

Think twice about photos

In a few decades, we will be able to easily search up Presidential candidates’ baby photos from the time they were initially uploaded. Crazy, right? Your child might even be embarrassed by those photos once they are old enough to have their own accounts. Consider going old school, such as sending physical photos through snail mail or waiting to show family members in person during your next gathering. You can even create your own watermark. It may seem unappealing, but this decreases the odds of your photos being stolen by others.

Sometimes, privacy settings aren’t enough

Remember that despite any privacy settings, others can still screenshot, misinterpret, or manipulate your posts. People can also show others in person what you have shared online without your consent. Perhaps it’s best to keep your accounts exclusive to your family and very close family members. Don’t be afraid to remove anyone you deem untrustable.

Is it all bad?

Of course not. Sharing certain details about what’s going on in a child’s life can be beneficial, as well. For example, there have been countless GoFundMe pages devoted to raising money to help children battling disabilities or illnesses from all around the world. We’re not saying it’s wrong to share any details about your kids, but rather we want to make you aware of your and your child’s digital footprint. We understand that some kids do enjoy being featured on their parents’ accounts, but many people hit “post” or “send” without thinking of the potential consequences and we just want to give you some food for thought.