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A helicopter mom is one of the worst types of moms around!

Are You a Helicopter Mom?

It’s funny how you are the precise type of parent you said you would never be. Nevertheless, somewhere along the line, the lines between trying to be a helpful, encouraging parent and a hovering, helicopter mom get crossed. Somewhat reminiscent? Nobody intends to be an overbearing parent. But doesn’t it start to creep up on […]

Here's what you need to remember about getting married the second time.

  If you are now engaged to be married a second time, there will be new obstacles that your new marriage will present. This is especially true if you have been a single parent for a while and a new father figure will be coming into the family. Read the following before walking down the […]

Were you aware of the pros and cons of pacifiers?

  Most infants have a strong desire to suck as their teeth grow in, and babies will suck their thumbs or fingers while still in the womb. In addition to providing nutrients, sucking frequently provides a calming effect. But are pacifiers safe for your child? Know the pros and cons of pacifiers, safety precautions, and […]

Looking for reasons behind your hair loss?

  Stressing out over all the hairs falling off of that head? Find out the root causes and reasons of your hair loss with this handy article! Below, we’ve listed eleven possible reasons you’re experiencing hair loss.   1. Hormonal Imbalance Excess androgen in the body can cause hair loss in both men and women. […]

Don't ignore the signs of a toxic relationship.

7 Symptoms of a Toxic Relationship

  Almost everyone has been in a toxic relationship before. Whether it’s a family member, partner, friend, or coworker, a toxic relationship takes a toll on your mental health and can set you back in life. As the new year comes, make a pact to put yourself first and throw away any relationship that doesn’t […]

These are the most common examples of gaslighting.

16 Common Examples of Gaslighting

  Gaslighting is 2022’s word of the year. Unfortunately, this is not a cause for celebration. A hallmark of abusive relationships, gaslighting can contribute to mental and emotional abuse for victims. If you think you’re in a toxic relationship in your life with lots of gaslighting, make sure to recognize the red flags with these […]

Having ADHD should not hinder your college life.

  Going to college is often the last step of a very long journey in school. It preps you for adulthood and ensures you’re well-equipped to handle the real world. As such, it’s an exciting time for many students who want to experience being independent for the first time! However, it’s also extremely hard to […]