Pets make great additions to the family and have been attributed with improving the overall level of happiness in a household. Plus the kids absolutely adore them. In spite of the wondrous benefits that come as being a proud pet owner, there are some considerations that you should take into account. Your fluffy friend can seem an attractive proposition to a whole host of little blighters. There are several steps you can take to help ensure that your pet (and your home!) stays free of parasites.


Dogs and cats regularly suffer from ticks and fleas, and there are also other parasites that love to breed on their coats and infect them from within. Because of their outdoor nature and the fact that they are constantly making contact with soil and other animals means that these types of pets are particularly susceptible to contracting many different diseases and infections. As any fellow pet owners will know; keeping these animals flea free can be expensive and also a bit of a headache because there are so many different products to try on the market. Also, going to your vets is sometimes a good solution but this can really make a dent in your wallet.

The problem with many parasites is that they cause your pets to scratch and bite their skin leaving them with an irritable and very sensitive skin condition. Also this does not reflect well on the owner when you take them out for a walk as their coat will look patchy and they will seem to be in a poor condition. Parasites can also cause havoc from within, diarrhea and vomiting are the most common problems associated with this type of infection. Advocate for dogs is a quick to administer solution that helps to tackle the problem from within. It can get rid of both types of parasites that can be found living inside the stomach and also on their coat. It is available for cats too – there is a special dosage to suit their body type.

You should however not leave it at this and should always maintain a healthy and natural diet. A lot of animals will suffer from some sort of allergy and getting specific foods that can deal with this like Frontline for Cats means that you will also be giving them all of the extra nutrients to help fight any parasite infection. Again this is also available for dogs and there are specific diets for each type of animal.

Lastly, applying a simple flea spray can actually make a lot of difference in protecting and ridding your pet of ticks and fleas. Using it as a preventative measure is also advisable and treating your pet with this every so often will lower their risk of contracting these pests.