Driving around with your kid can be a challenging prospect if you’re trying to stay focused and keep your eyes on the road. But, you shouldn’t let that discourage you! On the other hand, you should look at it as a fun challenge when your mother, because it’s that mindset that’s going to help you see this trip through with your children. Let’s find out just how you can make your road trip to whatever destination you have in mind much more enjoyable not just for yourself, but for your children!

Searching Games

Since you’re traveling, and you’re going to be witnessing new environments as you leave a pitstop in Tustin in your Toyota, why not take advantage of these new sites? Play a game with your children by having them look for different colors or even objects that could be rare depending on the location that you’re in. If you can manage to pull this off, then the kids are going to be a lot less focused on asking you if they’re there yet and more focused on trying to win this game that demands their full attention by looking outside. If you organize it right even you could get in on the fun!

Movies and Shows

If your kids get bored of looking for specific objects outside, then no need to panic! Nothing is stopping you from bringing out a laptop or other visual devices through which they can watch movies. And if you don’t have access to the internet through your laptop then don’t worry! You can just download the movies through other streaming services like Netflix so that the kids can enjoy the cartoons or movies they like the most without little difficulty! It’ll be like they never left home until you finally arrive at your destination.


This may be unpopular for some kids who can be too rowdy from the pent-up energy of sitting all day, but you might be surprised how many may take to reading when they have nothing better to do. Of course, not just any book is going to do. You should think about getting books that can interact with kids or maybe just really excel at getting their attention. Maybe a pop-up picture book could do the trick if you find the right one? Or maybe a classic that many people of all ages can read with ease? If you find the right subject that they can get into then show it to them! It certainly doesn’t hurt to try.

Coloring Books

If your kids aren’t interested in reading from books, then maybe they have other things in mind when it comes to books, such as coloring in them. Whenever you go to a local store, you could find yourself being surprised with the sheer amount of variety in coloring books there are for your kids to enjoy. With just the right theme and the right characters that they enjoy, they can color in these books and characters to their heart’s content…so long as you have enough of them on hand that is!

Mad Libs

If there were ever a way for kids to have to learn new types of words whether they be nouns, verbs, or adjectives while having fun this would be the way. Tears could be leaving you and your kid’s eyes from the number of silly sentences we could string together was so many I couldn’t even keep count! With this booklet and plenty of funny scenarios for you to fill out, it’s hard to imagine yourself not having fun with the kids with such a clever activity. 


If you’re going to make it so that you’re kids have a fun time on the trip to whatever destination you have in mind after leaving a place like Tustin in your Toyota, then you’re going to have to be creative in ways that can appeal to the kids. This list of five things to do is only a small example of what you could do to help them pass the time, and maybe even have a bit of fun yourself! Whether you are in the driver or passenger’s seat, it’s never too late to leave an impression on your kids’ trip. After all, it’s like they say. It’s not always about the destination, but the journey itself!