Are you a mother who has had more than your fair share of dealing with children and wants to share your experiences with others? Do you want to create a nexus of a website where many other mothers from across the country or maybe even the world can pitch in their own stories and advice? If you want to do this whilst turning such an idea into a business, then you’re definitely going to love creating a blog touching on this subject, especially since most kids have to learn from home due to the pandemic! So let’s take a deep dive into how to do this while using the important fundamentals of Los Angeles SEO.

The Right Subject

If you want your blog to stand out in comparison to other mommy blogs, then you need to choose a subject matter that separates you from the pack! Just making a blog about motherhood isn’t enough. Keep an eye for subjects in parenthood that you’re particularly good at such as cooking meals, or going on road trips, or even teaching your kids during the pandemic. Once you have the right sub-genre to go with, take care to choose the right keywords to go with them so that your articles can stand head and shoulders above other similar articles on the internet.

Keyword selection

Choosing the correct keywords for not just your articles, but also your brand new website as a whole will also be a great contribution to whatever subject matter you intend to focus on. Think of it as carving a place in the right niche. Having the right keywords is important not just so that you understand what subject matter you’d like to focus on, but also so that you can rank higher in the search engines. If you make your keywords linked to a local location as well, you can gain even more attention from those that may live in your area or at the very least nearby. This can also make choosing the title for your site rather important since it is heavily tied in with whatever is written.

Site Design and Aesthetics

Then comes a very fun part of building a site for all of you mothers out there: designing the site. You want to give your website a striking appearance with the right kind of warm and inviting colors that shows that you have a site that’s dedicated to being the best mother-related blog out there for people to visit! Besides creating a memorable look, however, you also need to focus on making your blog accessible, as well as convenient. The easier it is for other mothers to navigate your website and find what they need, the easier it is for people to appreciate what it brings to the table. 


But, of course, nobody is going to be able to know what your website is all about unless you get the word out! That’s where the marketing, usage as well as connectivity of your social media comes in so that you can use these connections to your advantage. Post on places like Facebook, Twitter and use keywords that relate to your blogs in both so that you can generate even more attention for other mothers that might be interested in your content! Connect with other mothers that you know in your inner circle and you might be surprised at just how fast they can get the word to spread around.


With everything being said, we can see that it will take a good deal of planning, website connections as well some clever usage of Los Angeles SEO to make a blog related to motherhood stand out above others. If you manage to bring these components together then the only thing that could hold you back is yourself, and the passion you have for caring for your kids.