There are many ways to have a fun time with your kids, and cooking can be one of them! If you’re someone who specializes in it, then maybe you’re looking to pass on some of those skills to your kids, then this is an age-old classic activity to take up. But since you’re dealing with kids here, you’re not going to be able to teach them the same way you would teach an adult, so a different approach will be needed here. So let’s find out just how you can best approach this activity with your unique child!

Baby Steps

If you’ve ever watched Master Chef, you’ll often notice how the dishes they make are usually more complex than that of Master Chef Junior when the adults cook. There’s a reason for this, and while the kids on Masterchef Junior can make great dishes, you should take this philosophy in mind when teaching your children how to cook for the first time. The smaller the scale of the plate and the less complex it has to be, the less complicated things will be. If you want them to progress in cooking:
Think of it as a building block to build upon as time progresses.
Think of something like scrambled eggs or grilled cheese sandwiches since they can be relatively straightforward in how they are conceived.
Start small with the complexities and then build up from there so that your children can reach new culinary heights!

Giving Initiative

There’s no doubt that there’s a lot that they can learn from you in the art of cooking. Still, at the same time, as you cook more and more dishes with them, you’ll want them to become less reliant on you, much like how you want them to grow into self-reliant adults such as yourself. Getting them to take the necessary steps and enjoy making their own decisions can make a world of difference for them as they eventually add the spices, seasoning, and garnishes that they would want to add. Please give them the space necessary for them to grow after you feel they’ve received the proper guidance! After all, even though we love kids, we don’t want to mother them for all of their childhood! Much like giving them space to cook, we need to give them room to grow.

Remember Safety

Even though you should always give your children room to grow, you should also make sure that whatever you do, your kids don’t hurt themselves with the cooking equipment. Emphasize the importance of handling a knife and how you should cut away from yourself to avoid accidents. Remember always to tell them to wear an oven mitt when necessary and be careful when handling anything hot. They must learn these lessons to minimize casualties that they could make in the future. You don’t just want your kids to be sufficient to cook for themselves and maybe even others but to do so with as little harm as possible. Ensuring that you can leave these crucial lessons on their minds will be essential for their cooking skills as we advance.


One of the most important things to emphasize when cooking with your kids is that you should have fun above all! Make sure that your kids have fun by extension, and they’ll be more willing to listen to you and whatever advice in the culinary scene you have to offer. So enjoy the time you spend with one another, and it’s easy to guarantee that you’ll get the lessons to sink in. Get these lessons to sink in, and you can make it worth your childrens’ while.