Let’s say you’ve started a mommy blog and everything seems to be going smoothly for you. Then however you start getting concerned with your competition and or any other sites that are writing mommy blogs around the same topics as you? Maybe you’re getting out of rhythm and you’re running out of topics to write about or possibly you’re getting too in your head? Either way, you’re looking for a way to improve not just your writing to make better content on your site about your trials and tribulations as a mother, but also improve your blog overall with some clever tactics and Los Angeles SEO. Here are some tips through which you can accomplish this!

Writing Skills

If you’re concerned about the quality of your work then maybe you need to sharpen and broaden your skills when it comes to writing. There are many different exercises that you can do to make your writing better, and maybe one of those things you can do is figuring out just what your style is. Almost everyone has a different writing style and in this case, maybe you’re trying forcefully to write a blog with a style that just doesn’t fit your mindset? Try writing about a subject matter but in multiple different ways to see not only which comes naturally to you, but also which looks the best.

Your Niche

One problem that many in your position might come into is writing about something that you’re not interested in or specialized in. Just because your writing skills are improved, doesn’t mean that the passion or knowledge about the subject matter is there if you’re not playing to your strengths. Make sure that what you’re writing about is what you’re passionate about. Plus if you know your niche it makes choosing a keyword for your Los Angeles SEO to stand out more much easier as well. Maybe you initially decided on writing about the different snacks and treats you could bake for your kids, but your true passion lies in ways you can help them get through homework better. Do a bit of soul searching and you might be surprised by the results!


Another way to improve your efficiency when writing up content is setting up a schedule for yourself. You’ll be surprised just how much this can help you when you’re in a pinch! If you set up a time for yourself for when you’re going to write and post content on your site, then you could become much more organized with what content you could have online. Not setting up a schedule for yourself could lead to you posting irregularly on your site, making the process difficult for yourself and for your readers to get into since they won’t know when to expect a new blog. If they know when to expect you to drop your next big blog, it’ll make the process of convincing them to stick around much easier for you whenever your site drops helpful content on managing their children!


It may seem underhanded to you at first, but for many different sites regardless of what subject they write about, there will always be those who observe the work from their competition to learn from them. You shouldn’t be afraid to do the same, to see what other mothers write about online to see what they say about the experiences of being a mother and what you can learn from them. Maybe it could give you different subject matter to write about? Maybe you could learn much about their writing style when it comes to writing about children and they might serve as a form of inspiration? The possibilities are too great for you to ignore and for you to not take advantage of!


For those seeking to improve themselves and their blogs on motherhood, you’ve already taken the step of identifying you could be better! With the help of these tactics mentioned above and the clever use of Los Angeles SEO you could find yourself becoming one of the trendiest motherhood blogs out on the internet with the right know-how and determination!