Cartoons. Love them or hate them, you can’t deny the popularity they have with most children in America, especially since the days of the 80s they’ve been a significant part in convincing kids to get toys. Since you most likely don’t watch the cartoons they watch today, why not discuss with them the cartoons that you watched years ago, particularly in the 80s? You might be surprised at just what could tickle their curiosity and which of said cartoons are getting rebooted today! It would be an excellent way to bond with the kids if you’re coming up short with methods on your own.

My Little Pony

Way back in the year 1981, the My Little Pony brand developed in the 80s by none other than Hasbro (which is a name you’re going to be hearing about a lot in this list), was not only a very successful toy line that developed nicely but also had two successful TV shows. It was clear that the original show in the 80s was for little girls, which earned quite a bit of popularity given how well Hasbro marketed both show and toys. The show would have a resurgence in 2010 with a new take on My Little Pony to draw in audiences of all ages. If your child wound up becoming a fan of the more recent show, congratulations because now the two of you can bond over swapping shows!


The 80s were an exciting time if you look back at them with a current-generation lens. It’s interesting how fondly I remembered this cartoon that featured a scantily clad bulging muscled man with an iconic voice line that people still remember today. The adventures of Prince Adam of Eternia with his loyal cat Cringer are genuinely something to be remembered fondly as much as Hasbro appreciates how many action figures they helped sell. Plus, the series has an iconic villain in Skeletor, who epitomizes a Saturday morning cartoon villain perfectly! What’s even better is that the series recently received something of a reboot, and even if you and your kid don’t enjoy it, it gives you a perfect chance to look back and enjoy the classic far more in comparison.

G.I. Joe

There’s a reason why studio executives are doing everything they can to revive this series. It’s because many adults remember this classic TV show that came out in 1983. G.I. Joe was a show that shamelessly used to promote toys which it did very well, as the heroes of the cartoon did battle with Cobra and his terrorist organization with vehicles weapons that wowed and awed kids watching it live. Many of these vehicles displayed in the show were sold as toys at stores for kids, which just showed how savvy the marketing was! And if Hollywood ever does succeed in breathing life back into G.I. Joe, you can show how it got its roots with your kids by looking at the classics.


Ask anyone what Transformers are in America, and you’ll no doubt get an answer that fits the question. Before Michael Bay churned out explosion-filled spectacles on the big screen, the Transformers cartoon show captivated kids’ attention on the tiny screen since 1984. With toys released alongside it, a match made in heaven. Who would have thought that a concept of alien robots from another planet transforming into modern-day vehicles displaying characters like Megatron, Optimus, Starscreen, and Ratchet that kids couldn’t help but watch from beginning to end? Getting your kids to enjoy this classic with you shouldn’t be too hard, especially given how relevant the series is still today.


There’s always going to be a way for you to bond with your kids; it’s just a matter of you finding the suitable medium to connect with them and the right hook to real them in. Though some shows may seem outdated by current standards, they are still a great way to bond with your children should the common ground be found.