Summer is what kids look forward to. After 10 or so months of (what they think is) hard labor, they no longer need to lug around their heavy bags filled with books. They no longer need to pass up on their favorite shows and extra activities to study for exams. But the best part of all is they no longer need to wake up early!

For parents, Summer can be quite a challenge though.  What can you let your children do for 2-3 whole months? What exciting activities can you involve them in so they don’t go crazy in the house with you?


Enrolling them in sports is always a good option.  Whether it’s trying out a new sport or developing something that they already know, summer is the perfect time to let the kids enjoy some physical activity. After all, with the abundance of gadgets around them, physical outdoor activities might be a welcome change for them.

Another alternative is to come up with family activities that everyone can enjoy.  If you are from a close-knit community, you can set up an area where everyone can play games, including kids.  One such game that even kids love is Bingo!  All the players can chip in for small tokens or prizes as well as snack food for everyone while playing.  Playing bingo though can be addicting so if you find yourself wanting to play and your community isn’t up for it, try Wink Bingo online and for sure that’s something to keep you busy during the summer. (Image from Google)