For those who are looking for a dog to be a part of the family and brighten up your kid’s day, then that leaves an important question for yourself: Which breed should you choose? It’s not an easy question to answer, especially when it comes to how many different dogs breeds there are in the world. Throw in the fact that these breeds act differently in terms of habits and other actions they undertake. Let’s take a look at a few of the most family-friendly species to see which would be best for your kids.


Though this is amongst the more giant dog breeds out there, with them on average walking around 150 Lbs, don’t let their size and weight intimidate you. These are among the friendliest and sweetest breeds that could be around your kids, especially if you live in colder climates due to their thick coats. It has a fantastic reputation for being one of the more patient and loving dogs that you could find with your kids. Not only are they gentle around little ones, but they also serve as great impromptu guardians when need be, showing great loyalty to those that offer them care. Consider them as giant teddy bears who will be consummate professionals when it comes to playing with your kids.


What if you have high-energy kids and are more or less constantly on the lookout for ways to burn their abundance of energy? Should this relate to your kids, then getting a retriever labrador retriever should be the priority for you. A labrador is one of the friendlier and high-energy dogs out there who loves nothing more than playing with their loved ones. If your kids are up to throwing and even running with these dogs, then it could be a match made in heaven so that they could burn energy together. Consider getting your kids a labrador for not only the equivalent of a playmate but a dog active enough to be like a sibling to said kids.


One of the most OK-looking dogs you could get with a very high ceiling when it comes to intelligence, this dog learns very quickly and becomes one of the best companions in terms of a dog and human bond. Because of this special bond and intelligence that they have, collies are a fantastic match for kids. Not only are they very friendly towards kids, but they will do their utmost to protect them.

Irish Setter

The Irish Setter is a dog that exudes patience better than many other breeds in comparison, and it shows in their even temperament when dealing with children. With a lithe and elegant build, this is a dog that enjoys having fun with anyone who offers it to them, and if you’re in the mood to run or throw a ball with them, then your kids could have that same level of fun too! Seeking to make bonds with humans and dogs alike, it isn’t easy to imagine your kids not having a grand ol’ time with this breed.

Cardigan Corgi

Originally bred to herd cattle despite their small size, this dog breed can be especially helpful if you want a small but fierce dog to look over your kids. This breed is very loyal and friendly to both humans and dogs, making them very pleasant to anyone. For an acute and loyal dog that will help your kids through thick and thin, then the corgi could be the breed for your family! Throw in the fact corgis are adorable, and what’s there not to like about including them in the family?