If you’re in the mood to go on vacation with the kid after being in lockdown, here are 5 premier spots to choose from!

With all of your time indoors, maybe it’s time to start being a little adventurous and go to locations out of your state and across the country? If so, here are the most significant sites that you and your kids are almost guaranteed to enjoy! Certain covid restrictions are lifted throughout the country; it’s becoming a lot easier to take your lovely kids out on a good old-fashioned family vacation, which was previously impossible during the beginning of the pandemic.

Yosemite National Park

If your kids are adventurous and the type to enjoy mother nature in one of its most magnificent forms, then visiting Yosemite National Park can be a blast. With its rushing waterfalls, massive mountainous foundations, and the vast array of wildlife you can see up close and personal, you should easily have a great time! On top of seeing the deer, bears, wolves, frogs, and birds, finding a place to rest in areas like Village Lodge will be very inexpensive for the family. With over one hundred years of official history behind this national park, it is a location that you and the family can enjoy with ease if given a chance.

Honolulu Hawaii

There’s a reason why Hawaii is immediately known as the premier location to visit whenever the word ‘vacation’ is thrown around. You can show your children why this is precisely the case when you arrive at its most famous beaches. It would be a shame not to take advantage of the environment there, giving you a perfect chance to help them through some surfing lessons. You’ll even have the opportunity to show them locations like Pearl Harbor should you find yourself Oahu. And though the islands are smaller than most states, there’s no shortage of areas to explore should you be in the mood!

Disney World

For locations that are practically tailor-made for kids and, by extension, the entire family, You’re going to love Disney World in Orlando, Florida. The size of the location dwarfs its counterpart in Anaheim, with large sections to explore, such as the Magic Kingdom and the Animal Kingdom. Featuring some of the most incredible rides that America could imagine, along with performances that are hard to replicate featuring Disney’s most iconic characters, you and your kids will have a magical time as cliche as that sounds.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Those who grew up watching Harry Potter on the big screen or read the books while the series was in its infancy want to share such an experience with their kids then look no further. Much like Disney World, this location is also located in Orlando, Florida, and has fantastic rides to go on, such as Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure or the Hogwarts Express! You’ll find no better place to immerse your kids in this magical and fantastical world fully.

Comal River

If you want to travel more instate and find yourself enjoying the sites of Texas, then the Comal River during a hot summer is where you want to go. You’ll be surprised at just how many people show up every warm season to bring a raft and go down the river and see what a fantastic ride that mother nature can take you on. The river’s length is so great that you can make an all-day enjoyment out of it if you and your kids want!


Make sure to plan and take advantage of the openings springing up, thanks to vaccinations coming out! With the return of these vacation opportunities, you can make sure that your kids will have nothing short of a blast when they venture out into the many fun locations of America alongside you.