For you mothers out there looking to make a name for yourself through your blog, you need to understand if you want your tips on motherhood to shine the brightest, you need to make use of some very specific tactics that can help you excel in this field! For you to understand this we have to go over a factor that is increasingly making its presence known when it comes to online content in the form of Los Angeles SEO. If you understand SEO at its most basic form then you will almost immediately have an advantage over other similar blogs out there.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization and it is exactly what it stands for. It optimizes the many search engines on the internet such as Google for example so that the quality of what people search for is up to par. It’s to file away and organize the vast breadth of content that fills the internet into the right section(s) that it needs to be in! This makes it easier for those that search the internet to find out what they need to know on certain topics and it makes it easy for the search engine itself to find out just how to organize the content. The higher quality of your content and the better you organize it, the higher you are to find up 

How it Works

In order for you to use SEO to your fullest advantage, you need to understand just how exactly it works. It all begins with a certain program called a crawler, which as its name implies crawls through the many different forms of content that are filled throughout the internet and help in collecting information on the content. With that info, an algorithm is created so that it can properly sort the info into its proper or earned place on the web.


You may have heard this before, but using keywords is what will help you get through the front door so to speak in being sorted in the right part of the internet that you want and need. So how do you make a keyword? It’s actually quite simple. For example, you want to create a blog about making treats for your kids, but you need a keyword that can tie most of your blogs together. A key phrase like Motherhood Cooking Tips, would be a good place to start, but eventually, you’ll want the keywords to become more specific towards perhaps what kind of cooking recipes that you’ll be making. This is so you can have a better fighting chance at standing out more with the articles you write since if you’re more specific, you’re more likely to be in a category that fits your content better.

Play the Long Game

If you literally just start your website and start creating your first bit of content, don’t expect results right away, nor should you want to. You want to give your website some time to breathe in terms of what content you can create long-term so that when people visit your site, they have plenty of content to go through and could become more active participants of what you have to offer. This will all but ensure that you receive a steady stream of traffic for your site, ensuring a high place in the ranking system with your excellent choice of content, keywords, and use of SEO as a whole.


SEO is far too useful of a tool for you to pass up, considering how much power and leeway it can give you. If you’re a mother who has the ambitions to be recognized by the masses for the advice you can give to other fellow mothers then using these methods is definitely a must for you. You’ll be surprised by how much power Los Angeles SEO can give you.