We’ve always had those moments on road trips where the kids are feeling restless and don’t have ways to occupy their time. Let’s say for example that you’re making a ride from Tustin to Santa Maria in your Toyota, you’re going to need some form of entertainment to occupy their time. Thankfully there are a multitude of different movies that you could show them if you either have a car with a video player attached to it or you brought your laptop which could already have the films downloaded. Let’s take a look at some of the videos that movies that they could be looking at!


What makes a movie like Up such an instant classic is how it ties in such an amazing adventure between someone from a past generation with the current generation while also teaching the importance of not only letting go but also moving on to become a better person at the same time. Seeing Mr. Frederickson and Russel go through their journey together in a house held aloft by a swarm of balloons whilst reaching their ultimate destination is something that the kids will definitely enjoy.


If there were ever a movie that signified persevering through adversity and what you can accomplish through heart, grit, and determination, Mulan would definitely be it. Based on the tale of a warrior hero with the same name, the Disney adaptation in 1998 manages to nail blend humor, the harsh realities of war, and overcoming the greatest of challenges in life in ways that are very hard to replicate, as seen in the live-action film of 2020. 

The Sound of Music

A musical that is beloved by many, even if it was made all the way back in 1965. Focusing on Sister Maria living in Austria, and her interactions with the Von-Tapp family in a tense time where Nazi Germany was gaining power throughout Europe, We see a fantastical story being told whilst learning to understand who you truly are as a person and coming to accept who you are in the process. It’s filled with many songs that are as memorable as the characters within the story and can easily be enjoyed by the whole family if you want!

Finding Nemo

A movie that’s about the lengths through which people will go through to protect those that matter to them, Finding Nemo puts such a movie idea on a major pedestal with its serious story, witty humor, and fun adventure all blended into one. With father and son, Marlin and Nemo doing everything they can to be reunited with each other after the latter is taken to Sydney Australia in a dentist’s fish tank, the kids will have a firsthand experience of just how many families matters without having to hear Vin Diesel say as much on Fast and Furious. 

Kung Fu Panda

There’s a reason why Kung Fu Panda was popular enough to have its own trilogy thanks in no small part to not only the trials and tribulations of the clumsy yet endearing Po but also the message he sends out how being yourself can be the greatest weapon you could find. With the memorable voice of Jack Black behind him and the memorable allies and villains that he’s surrounded by, it’s hard not to like Kung fu panda and the many creative fights that it has with its great stories. 


As you can see, there are many great movies and films that your kids can watch on the way from Tustin to Santa Maria in your Toyota! In fact, bring many of these movies should you drive even greater distances to make sure that you’re prepared. It would be a shame to not only take advantage of the fact that these movies could distract your kids, but also since they’ll also be memorable experiences that they should have the chance to enjoy!