Everyone’s favorite spooktacular holiday is just around the corner! Suppose you’re in that dreadful slump because summer vacation is over, and you still aren’t thrilled about the fall semester. Halloween is the perfect holiday for everyone because it can be enjoyed by everyone of all ages, no matter where they come from. If you would rather not get traditional candy from the store to give out to trick-or-treaters this year, then honey sticks could be the perfect solution for you!


They come in all sorts of flavors.

Beeman Honeystix offers eight distinct flavored honey sticks. Green apple, peppermint, sour blue raspberry, pia colada, orange, cinnamon, sour lemon, and pure honey. You will undoubtedly locate a stick that your lover will enjoy. Do they all sound too delicious to pass up? Another choice is to get a variety pack. So much for tasting the rainbow, huh?


They make a great assorted basket for your trick-or-treaters.

If you’re looking to spoil the local kids with a multitude of sweet treats, our variety pack will make the perfect addition to your frightful night, as they are eye candy.


They’re easy to take on the go.

Teaching anyone how to use a honey stick is as easy as 123! They only require that you open them before you use them. They are also simple to bring to work, school, or on your upcoming exciting adventure!


They’re useful for cooking recipes.

Beeman Honeystix features a variety of useful blogs on sweet recipe ideas. Do you know someone interested in baking or trying new food and drink recipes? This is a great option! Oatmeal? Ice cream? Tea? The honeystix has got you covered!


These honey sticks are Kosher-certified by the Orthodox Union.

If you want to include neighborhood children who eat kosher food, then honeystix is the perfect solution! More than half of the Kosher goods sold worldwide are certified by The Orthodox Union, one of the “big five” well-known certification bodies.


A product of the most respected bee experts in Orange County, CA!

The Beeman, founded and owned by Mr. Jerry Bryant for more than 45 years, produces Beeman Honeystix. He rose to prominence as the foremost bee specialist in Southern California. Bryant has even gone as far as to give children presentations on bee education and meet with local lawmakers to change laws about the security and welfare of bees. He is adamant that you will adore these sticks as much as he does!


They can be gobbled up at any time of the year.

If you are already familiar with the wonders of honeystix, why not order a few bulks to enjoy after All Hallow’s Eve has passed? No tricks here!


Order now!

Halloween will be among us in a few weeks, and demand can sometimes exceed our supply—so be sure to order your honey sticks today before it’s too late! It may be a good idea to order an additional bulk so you and your entire family can also fall in love with them! 


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