From dogs to cats to rabbits to fish to birds, almost everybody has a pet these days. Either that or they’re planning on having a pet in the future! That’s because having a pet makes life more magical. Nothing beats a dog lounging beside you or a cat rubbing against your leg or other cute things animals do.

And having a pet isn’t just worth it for the cuteness factor, either. It’s a big factor, yes, but it’s not the only one! Indeed, numerous studies have shown that having a pet has a ton of health benefits for our bodies. So, if your parents or your loved one is being remarkably stubborn about getting a pet, then you can show them this article to show them the health benefits!

Here are the six important health benefits of owning a pet.


1. Having Pets Gets You Socializing

Every dog owner knows that you need to walk them every day to keep them happy and healthy. This encourages you to make a habit of heading outside and getting some much-needed sunshine. For those having trouble getting out of bed or being cooped up all day at home, this can be a reprieve.

Walking your pets also encourages you to spend time with the local community. It’s hard to find anybody who doesn’t love petting cute animals, and you’re more likely to get social interactions like friendly smiles and coos when you’re walking with a pet. This then increases your social standing in the community, making you look more trustworthy and welcoming.

Just remember to train your pets very well. Badly-trained pets that bite and growl are a danger to the community and will do the opposite of what you were hoping.


2. It Leads to Lower Blood Pressure

According to scientific research, owning pets actually has a ton of benefits for your heart. An article from Psychosomatic Medicine showed that pet owners generally had lower heart rates and blood pressure. They were also seen to have less intense spikes in heart rate and blood pressure when stressed out and were quicker to fall back to normal levels afterward. One could assume that it was the loving cuddle of their pet that helped destress them.


3. Pets Keep You Physically Active

Unless you want to wake up with pee and poop all over your floor, you’re going to have to get up and take your dog outside to use the bathroom. This is a common morning routine with dog owners that gets the body moving and ready for the day. The same could be said for other animal owners like cats (who love to meow until you get up and feed them), birds (who love to chirp once the sun starts to rise), and other animals that need constant maintenance.

Pets make a huge difference in your life because you are obligated to move. You simply can’t stay in bed all day—you need to play with them, take them outdoors for a walk, or simply just take care of them by changing the litterbox or detangling their fur.

Before you know it, you’ll have thirty minutes of exercise a day, which is the minimum exercise required by health experts.


4. Furry Friends Curb Loneliness

Loneliness can affect anyone, and people who live alone are especially prone to it. You’re more likely to develop depression if you’re constantly by yourself, and it’s not exactly something you can fix easily. Even if you see your loved ones every day, there’s just something about coming home after a long day outside to somebody excited to see you.

Many pet owners agree that their pets have made them feel less alone in the world. Our furry friends can offer social and mental support when nobody else can. That is why elderly pet owners are on the rise—growing older naturally makes us less active and less involved with the community, leading to feelings of loneliness.

So, if you’re feeling lonely and would like to have someone to care for, consider getting a pet!


5. They Increase Your Happy Hormones

This is so obvious that it’s almost self-explanatory! Haven’t you ever noticed your day becoming brighter with every rub of a dog’s belly, a scratch of a cat’s ear, a pat of a rabbit’s head, or stroke of a bird’s feathers? That’s because having loving interactions with pets is linked to having higher levels of happy hormones like oxytocin and serotonin. It is also linked with lower levels of unhappy hormones like cortisol!

Of course, seeing your pets revel in the attention is always nice too. Having a relationship in which two parties love each other very much is so heartwarming!


6. Pets Improve Your Well-Being

Overall, having pets is good for our physical and mental health.

Mentally, pets allow us to go outside and meet other people, ensuring that we’re always socializing. They keep us company whenever we’re feeling lonely, dispelling feelings of depression and isolation. They also help us establish routines for ourselves, which is incredibly helpful for getting us out of a rut. Many pet owners report having a new meaning in life after obtaining their furry friend/s.

Physically, having pets forces us to get moving, even if we don’t want to. We can easily get thirty minutes of exercise a day by doing simple tasks for our pets such as walking them, grooming them, or even just feeding them. Additionally, the feel-good hormones owning a pet releases are good for our physical health by lowering stress levels, heart rates, and blood pressure.