Tired of trendy YouTubers and TikTokkers showing up all over your feed? Are you someone who prefers the more natural side of life? If so, then we’ve got fantastic news for you! There are plenty of beekeepers who make entertaining content for all of us bee lovers to enjoy! Discover who our favorite online bee and wasp removal are right now! Enjoy!


Don the Fat Bee Man

Don has more than half a century of experience in beekeeping. He has accumulated more than 13 million views on his channel since 2008, with his most popular upload Yellow Jacket Trap receiving 2.5 million views. He has proven himself to be one of the leading content creators.


Jeff Horchoff Bees

Jeff is a beekeeper living in southeast Louisiana. He updates his YouTube channel on a frequent basis and has over 125K subscribers. Not only that but his videos have amassed more than 35 million views since he began the channel in 2011! In addition to his videos on beekeeping, he also enthusiastically shares his woodworking with the world.


Barnyard Bees

Barnyard Bees is a honey farm located in Chatsworth, Georgia. Their channel contains lots of insider tips 

for beekeepers that you absolutely must check out, especially if you are new to the profession. Their videos have received more than 37 million views over the last decade. They also have an awesome online store that you can shop from and have their goods delivered to your door no matter where in the country you live in! 


Texas Bee Works

This lone star beekeeping company is owned by Erika Thompson, who has 11 million followers on TikTok (#BeeTok represent!)! The funny thing is that she had taken a course on beekeeping in college back in 2011 with no intention of getting into the profession. But then, three years later, in 2014, she found herself starting Teas Bee Works. As of 2019, she has worked as a full-time beekeeper and left her white-collar job behind her. Outside of her success as an online content creator, she has also been featured in multiple mainstream news outlets and TV shows, including CNN, BBC, and Jeopardy. How’s that for creating a buzz?



If you’ve been into the beekeeping scene for some time now, you’ve heard of the Flow Hive model. You can still learn a lot from this channel, even if it’s not your preferred model. From beginner beekeeping to learning where exactly to place your hive, this channel has got it all.


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