Since 2005, YouTube has become a dominant force in our culture. It’s easy to get sucked into the oblivion of the recommended feed and related videos on the sidebar. But what if your enjoyment of the website impacts your ability to succeed in school or your workplace? What if it starts affecting your relationship with your kids because of your tendency to overshare? Don’t wait until 2023 to come up with solutions to your problem. Follow this handy guide on how to stop watching YouTube right here!


Know Your Triggers.

You can learn more about your habit in a variety of ways. For instance, some people enjoy keeping journals. It was crucial to recognize when I was succumbing to my YouTube habit and what set it off. I could describe my habit’s costs in more detail, which motivated me to stop doing it.


Set Rules.

In the past, I’ve set vague-ish such as “reduce my YouTube usage.” As it’s unclear whether these goals are met, I found it difficult to hold myself accountable for reaching them. The plan to “eliminate all YouTube usage” is unambiguous, so I wasn’t tempted to let the habit of watching videos creep back into my routine.

I myself also found it useful to introduce mechanisms to hold myself accountable to the rule I set. As soon as I resolved to stop watching YouTube videos, I uninstalled the YouTube app from my phone so that I would have to re-download it to watch a video, which I’m less likely to do mindlessly.


Do Whatever You Can to End the Distraction.

Unsubscribe from all channels. Use a website blocker. Turn off your cell phone or computer. Maybe even consider deleting your account altogether. Your life is finite, so do whatever you can to help you start building the life you want without distractions. Enjoy the silence as much as you can.


Be Realistic About What You’ll Do Instead.

When you decide to stop using YouTube, you can begin to picture using the time you would have spent there on useful and fulfilling pursuits, such as reading or exercising. However, if you commit to taking a break from YouTube videos, you may realize that this isn’t always completely realistic. Instead, develop a new habit to replace the old one that made me feel better. Similar to how a cola addict may switch to tea, you can switch from watching YouTube to studying a new language.


Download Your Favorite Videos That You Can’t Live Without.

If you find yourself coming back to the same videos over and over again, only to get sucked in by the related videos, download your favorite ones to your computer or smartphone so that you can watch them whenever you want without Internet access. If you typically visit YouTube to listen to music for free, download those songs and music videos, as well.


In Extreme Cases, Determine If You Need a Mental Health Professional.

It may sound absurd, but if you feel that any habit disrupts your professional or social life, it may be time to consider reaching out for help. They can advise you on several types of behavioral addiction treatment choices. You can learn new coping mechanisms in treatment that will aid in breaking your YouTube obsession. Any more underlying mental health issues that might be influencing your behavior can be treated through therapy.