Dogs are known to love treats but detest anything that has to do with wellness and a visit to the vet. Imagine if you could combine the joy of a biscuit with the health benefits for your beloved dog? You don’t have to imagine it because it is really possible.


What Is CBD for Dogs?

It is important to start with the basics. CBD, otherwise known as cannabidiol, can be sold in many different forms, including oils, creams, and treats for your dog. Safety is always a number one priority when it comes to feeding your dog, so you should know that the best CBD dog treats are indeed the safest. CBD is a natural remedy for restlessness and anxiety in dogs, among other issues.


How Are CBD Dog Treats Processed?

CBD treats for dogs are made by infusing CBD oil into dog biscuits. CBD treats do not have toxic effects on dogs. Of course, you should still be cautious and make sure that the CBD in your dog’s treat has been tested by a third-party lab.


What Are the Benefits of CBD Dog Treats?


  • Natural Painkiller

As dogs get older, they become more prone to developing chronic pain and arthritis in particular. When consumed, CBD dog treats can block pain receptors and help ease your dog’s chronic pain.


  • Can Help with Epilepsy

It is heartbreaking to watch your furry friend suffer from epilepsy. Some breeds of dogs, such as cocker spaniels, border collies, poodles, and labrador retrievers, have higher rates of epilepsy than other types of dogs. Some common signs of seizures in dogs include stiff neck and legs, stumbling and falling over, uncontrollable chewing or drooling, defecating, and violent shaking. All of these symptoms can be highly concerning. Seizures typically last about thirty to ninety seconds, and dogs are usually unaware of their surroundings while experiencing a seizure.

CBD has been known to help humans with seizures and can do the same for dogs. A clinical study showed that 89% of dogs who received CBD experienced a significant decrease in the frequency of seizures. 


  • Can Help with Stomach Problems

Some dogs are just picky eaters and/or have sensitive stomachs. Sometimes, dogs end up vomiting and develop digestive issues. CBD dog treats can help reduce the frequency of vomiting and even help increase a dog’s appetite. 


When your dog has anxiety either from loud noises or a trip to the vet, it can be difficult to calm them. CBD can work with the nervous system and has been shown to lower anxiety levels in dogs.


  • Anti-Inflammatory

Inflammation can affect your dog’s gastrointestinal tract, joints, skin, and any part of its body. CBD is a known anti-inflammatory agent.


  • Boosts Immune System

Your desire as a pet owner is to prevent any condition or sickness from ever happening. Unfortunately, there are some issues that you just cannot foresee. However, we do know that CBD can work to suppress a dog’s overactive immune system. CBD can also strengthen a dog’s weak immune system.


  • Homeostasis

CBD is an effective all-natural remedy to keep your dog’s health balanced and well-functioning. You can offer CBD dog treats as a supplement for your pet’s needs.


Where Can I Buy CBD Dog Treats?

There are several online businesses that sell CBD dog treats and have been third-party tested, which is a very important certification. You should also consult your vet first before buying any kind of treat. If you are looking for natural ways to keep your dog calm, giving your dog a CBD dog treat is an effective method.