The first Mother’s Day was celebrated on May 10, 1908, in West Virginia. Anna Jarvis held a memorial service for her mother on the 3rd anniversary of her death and urged others to celebrate mothers as well. With the annual celebration just around the corner, it can be tough to think of what you want for yourself. Don’t worry! There are so many things that mothers deserve on this day- whether they’re celebrating their own achievements or appreciating another person in your life who has taken over some responsibilities as being a mommy all day long while working hard at maintaining a household with children involved every step along the way.


Sleep in and enjoy breakfast in bed

Why not ask your partner or one of their kids to make your favorite breakfast (if they’re old enough!). Considering that you’re likely the one doing the dishes the other 364 days a year, it shouldn’t be too much to ask.

Cooking time!

Cook or bake some of your favorite foods in the comfort of your own kitchen! Even if you just like making a simple salad, go ahead and do that! It is also a great opportunity to teach your kids some of your favorite recipes as a part of bonding time. 


Arts and crafts with the kids

What is better than making something you made with your own two hands? Arts and crafts are a great way to spend time with your kids, as well. You may be surprised to see what sort of gift they make for you.


Binge-watch your favorite TV show

Whether you have seen it a million times already or you finally have some time to catch up on your favorite series, Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to do just this.


Take a relaxing bath at home or go to a spa

It’s time to treat yourself well. Get that bath you’ve been dreaming about, or book an aromatherapy session at home with some candles lit! A very relaxing way of taking care of your mind and body is by getting in the tub to soothe it all over again before starting work again the next day.


Have a picnic

Gather around your favorite food and spend some outdoor time with your whole family. 


Go on a hiking trip

Are you the adventurous type? What’s better than a day at the park? Hiking! There are so many trails out there for all abilities, from easy walks near home to more difficult adventures in nearby mountains. Get ready to take on some new scenery and enjoy Mother Nature up close as she offers beauty everywhere you look – even if it means carrying water bottles or bringing along treats like fruit bars.


Do something with your mother, your sister, or a group of other mom friends

You can do virtually anything you want with another mother in your life? You can catch a movie or go out to your favorite restaurant. The possibilities are endless!


However, you choose to spend Mother’s Day, remember that it is practically like having a second birthday – so spend it however you like!