Being a single parent is never an easy job, whether you are still expecting your first child or you already have five. And let’s be real, if you have wanted to date again, there are almost no wrong reasons to find a new partner, whether it be wanting a new father figure for the kids or simply missing the intimacy of your previous romantic relationships. You may have finally found the courage to get back into the dating scene but feel that most of the pool is reserved for young men who have never been married, have no children, and aren’t open to dating a single mom. You may think these men will not want any stepchildren and would rather have their kids. This can especially be a problem if you are on the fence or know for sure that you don’t want to have any more children.

But fear not; there are smart ways you can go about finding the right person for you amid balancing your work, home, and dating life:


Be Real About Your Situation

When you start getting familiar with a potential new mate, you don’t need to go into all the details about your separation, but you should never hide the fact that you are a mom. Don’t wait until you meet up with someone to tell them this, either. You will need to be upfront about this fact on my profile. If that’s a dealbreaker, they are simply not the right person for you.


Think About Your Current Social Media Presence

Chances are, when you use a dating app and find someone that catches your eye, you are likely to Google their names and scan their social media profiles. The same goes for you. You’ll need to consider that anyone who finds it is bound to do the same for you. Make sure that you are still committed to keeping your safety and privacy, as well as your children’s, secure. You may find our article on sharenting to be a useful guide.


Consider An App Specifically for Single Parents

Yes, they really exist! SingleParentMeet and Stir just might be the perfect website for you. That way, you can weed out anyone who isn’t willing to date someone with kids. Isn’t technology great sometimes?


Look Out for Catfish

Does his profile say he’s super-rich? Conveniently moving to your area soon? Refuses to call or video chat with you? Look out for these major red flags that your handsome prince just might be a fraud. When you sense something is fishy, you don’t owe that faker any more of their time. Move on.


Introduce Your Kids to the New Guy

There are different opinions regarding when it is the best time to introduce your boyfriend to your kids. This varies on the individual age and personality (if you’ve got a baby or a toddler – no worries!). For small children, experts recommend introducing this new man as your friend. Avoid making this introduction a dramatic event. Rather, keep it casual so everyone can feel more at ease.



Have you had any success with online dating as a single mom? Let us know your story, as well as any other useful tips you might have for our other readers!